Hate Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has become one of the latest companies who feel the need to punish their legitimate customer base for the sins of pirates. Pirates will always find a way to use locked software; the only people who suffer are the non-pirate users. Forcing their users into something they don’t want is simply a betrayal. I would gladly pay an extra $10/license to shore up any pirate loss they feel they need to recover, but forcing me into a subscription model – a BAD one – is intolerable.

Since moving to Creative Cloud, all the applications within it grind my PC to a halt. Even “free” Adobe Reader locks up my PC for half a minute after opening a PDF. And although I have paid for the subscription, I continue to be nagged about my account expiring. It’s a horrible user experience.

And why did they do it? Was it to enhance user productivity? Was it to provide extra functionality for its customers? Does it benefit their customer base whatsoever? No, no, no, no. It does nothing at all for their customers – except make them frustrated and want to stop using Adobe products.

Everything about the experience is bad. I’m currently looking for alternatives, and I may buy the last non-cloud version, CS6, and never upgrade again. But more likely, I will switch to other products. Gimp is supposed to be a pretty good alternative to Photoshop. I can use Handbrake for Media Encoder. There are several options for a WYSIWYG HTML editor – all open source. Foxit Reader, please, for my PDFs. The only application I can’t substitute is Captivate – but Articulate makes a good replacement.

I’ve been using Adobe products since the late 1980s. It’s taken that long for truly good alternatives to surface, and now it’s time to move on. I know that Adobe doesn’t care about my single account. But that means it doesn’t care about yours either.


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