Motion Detection on Raspberry Pi

One of the most common projects for the Raspberry Pi is a surveillance camera with motion detection. It should be no surprise, then, that there are several application options to choose from. Here are some that I found:

  • Kerberos Motion
  • PiCam
  • Motion – motion packages doesn’t yet work with the Raspberry Pi camera. You’ll instead have to use a special binary, called “motion-mmal”, specially created for the Raspberry Pi by a community member.
  • Motion-mmal
  • MotionEye (or MotionEyeOs)
  • ZoneMinder
  • PiKrellCam

Of these, I found the most positive remarks about PiKrellCam. Motion is probably the most popular, but it’s old, from what I’ve read, and it’s not as efficient as PiKrellCam – it tends to overheat the CPU and drop frames. It does work with USB webcams though, but since I have a Pi camera module, I don’t care. I read also that PiKrellCam takes advantage of some of the features of the Pi camera.

On the down side, PiKrellCam isn’t exactly for newbies. The download, install, and configuration I found to be more complicated than it needs to be.

You can also turn off the camera red LED by adding this line to /boot/config.txt:
Make everything wired. The broadcom wifi chip is too unstable for this. Also if you can, run the master motioneye os on something a bit beefier than an Rpi.
The biggest cause for false positives I found was noise in dark rooms. when an area is well lit with high resolution – I hardly had any false alerts

From a post: “I like MotionEye. Just tried out after seeing this post, and the interface looks really nice, but each instance can only run 1 camera. One installation of MotionEye can view multiple cameras and has more options for connecting to and using them.
Zoneminder is too intensive for the pi I found. I swapped to motioneyeos and never looked back.”

I went with the PiKrellCam.



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